Norman Olphert
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 12, 1985 (1985-02-12) (age 34)
Hometown Dallas, Texas
Occupation Video Game Developer


Tribe(s) Zolta
Placement 17/18
Alliance(s) Zolta Guys Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 0
Day(s) Lasted 6

Norman Olphert was a contestant on the reality show Survivor: Macedonia, where he was placed on the Zolta tribe. He was 27 and worked as a Video Game Reviewer in Dallas, Texas. He was eventually the 2nd Castaway voted out after losing the immunity challenge in episode 2 for being a stealthy threat.

Survivor: MacedoniaEdit

Norman didn't seem like a threat and therefore wasn't targetted in the first episode, though he was left in the minority after Alex flipped and voted out his ally Roy. In episode 2, Norman expected the alliance of Alex, Laura, Paula and Terra to vote for Logan (as he was a bigger physical target than him), and approached Jeff & Penny to try and force a tie. In the end, the two were persuaded by the other side against a tie, and Norman became the target for being a better strategic player than Logan. He was voted out after recieving 6 votes.

Voting HistoryEdit

Norman's Voting History
Episode Norman's
Voted Against
1 Penny -
2 Laura Alex, Jeff, Laura,
Paula, Penny, Terra
Voted Off, Day 6

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