Zolta Guys Alliance
Season Macedonia
Founder Roy Ale
Members Remained Loyal:
Logan Smith (Day 120)
Norman Olphert (Day 1-6)
Roy Ale (Day 1-3)
Alex Mole (Day 1-2)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Zolta Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Roy Ale (18/18)
Highest Placing Member Logan Smith (12/18)

An alliance that could have made an impact on the game but failed as Alex flipped at the first tribal council. Norman and Logan were left on their own and with the tribe's challenge skills they lost again having Norman go next. Zolta managed to pull out a win, saving Logan another day, then Alex and Paula convinced their alliance to blindside Jeff, giving Logan a chance to swap to Sina. There, however, he was still at the bottom. Luckily, episode five had the majority alliance get rid of the first female and as Logan was a male he was saved. Then, in episode 6, Laura framed Krista on a lie she hadn't told, thus blindsiding Krista and saving him once more. In episode 7, when it was revealed both tribes would visit tribal council, Gary seemed to be the target as the last threat from Sina. When he won immunity, however, Logan's fate was sealed in a 4-2 vote. Alex managed to reach the final 4, not with this alliance though.